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Next-generation healthcare solutions.

For more than 30 years, Invetech has partnered with health and life science leaders around the world to co-create breakthrough solutions that millions rely on every day. Invetech’s mission is to expand the reach of next-generation healthcare by accelerating the design, engineering, and manufacture of commercial-scale diagnostic products and cell therapies.

With agile development, proven technology platforms, and expert insights, the company brings clarity and speed to commercialization. Together with its clients, Invetech is revolutionizing the future of healthcare.

In Q2 2024, Invetech became a private company. For more information, visit

“Our approach, which combines human-centered design, agile product development, strategic program management, and proprietary modules, is designed to get to the best product outcome for our clients.”

Andreas Knaack

years bringing product ideas to life for the healthcare and life sciences industries


International awards for product design


months to develop rapid testing capabilities for COVID-19