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Hengstler Dynapar
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Customized counting and motion control components.

Hengstler is a leading European manufacturer of industrial components for counting and control applications. Customers around the globe rely on the company’s extensive experience, broad application know-how, high flexibility, and project management for high-tech tailor-made applications.

Dynapar is one of the world’s leading suppliers of motion control feedback products including encoders and resolvers. The company delivers customized, innovative technologies to customers around the globe in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, paper and steel, factory automation, robotics, and medical equipment.

Specialty Product Technologies (SPT) is a group of core technology companies based in Elizabethtown, NC. SPT designs, manufactures, and markets innovative products, services, and technologies to the industrial automation marketplace.

Together these innovators are known as Hengstler-Dynapar, and the company continues to deliver exciting new products such as its best-selling AC58 absolute encoders, which enable customers to integrate natively with the latest drive protocols for a wide range of applications.

“With our talented team and our strong global product brands, we’re driving innovation and continuous improvement for the benefit of our customers.”

Jochen Feiler
Sensing devices shipped globally to industries including factory automation, oil & gas, medical equipment and more

ranking from Control Design magazine for encoder and resolver suppliers, 3 years in a row

combined years of leadership in industrial counting and control components