Growth Strategy

We grow our portfolio to advance strategy and strengthen our teams with top talent and technology.

At Fortive, we’re not looking to grow for the sake of growing. We’re thinking strategically about our portfolio, and looking for opportunities to accelerate progress.

Our Approach

Fortive is a relatively new company, but our experience with M&A is deep.

We monitor our operating markets and industries closely to identify opportunities for innovation, where we can build competitive advantage. We focus on strong performers in attractive markets who will benefit from Fortive Business System (FBS).

  • Attractive markets: We assess the market, including growth drivers and opportunities for consolidation.
  • Company profile: We analyze the company’s market position and potential, including brand strength and margin expansion opportunities.
  • Value creation: We consider potential in the context of FBS and our overall portfolio, including synergies with Fortive businesses and platforms as well as opportunities to accelerate technology and extend global reach.

“We’re looking for opportunities where we have an edge, where we have the ability to create value in a unique way.”

Jon Schwarz, Sr. Vice President, Corporate Development

When a brand joins Fortive, our goal is to invest in it to fuel its growth. We are stronger together.

Our Focus

The M&A market itself is changing at a rapid pace, with deals happening more behind the scenes, and more quickly, than ever before. We are constantly innovating to deepen our learning about new markets and new technologies, and to identify exciting opportunities at the right time.

Over the past year we strengthened our strategic position in the network of connected devices known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) through the acquisition of eMaint Enterprises, a global leader in SaaS-based computerized maintenance management software. Together, Fluke and eMaint will usher in a new era of connectivity and ensure asset reliability for industrial customers around the world.

“The innovative mindset starts with us, it extends to our team, and that's how we deliver on growth.”

Heather Andrus, VP Growth and Innovation, Fortive

Our rigorous, innovative approach to M&A is one of the most visible ways we compete for shareholders and drive long-term growth for our people, our customers and our businesses.