Defining Reliability

Qualitrol keeps our global power infrastructure operating at peak performance with precision tools to monitor temperature, flow, asset condition and other critical metrics. Utilities and power companies customers depend on Qualitrol for precision equipment and data to ensure electricity is generated, transmitted and distributed safely and without interruption.

Qualitrol was founded in 1945 to fill the need for monitoring and controlling devices for electrical transformers. The company, recognized worldwide as a trusted industry leader, originally joined the Danaher portfolio in 1986 and became part of Fortive’s field solutions platform in 2016. Qualitrol has long used continuous improvement to drive significant growth and margin expansion along with quality improvement.

As connected data becomes increasingly important, Qualitrol continues to redefine monitoring technology through innovative products and services that keep our power flowing reliably.

Qualitrol: Helping ensure the world has power.

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