Industrial Scientific

Dedicated to Ending Death on the Job by 2050

Hazardous gases pose many dangers. Around the globe, workers enter confined spaces, face the risk of asphyxiation, poisoning, or explosion, and depend on our instruments to ensure their safety. That’s why every one of our products is designed and manufactured with just one fundamental question in mind: "Would you bet your life on it?"

Founded in 1985, Industrial Scientific is a leader in providing gas detection products, services, and solutions for worksites around the world. The company has over 700 global employees committed to preserving human life and property.

Industrial Scientific’s line of gas monitoring products and services are used in virtually every industry to protect people from exposure to harmful gases. Industrial Scientific has invested in several outside ventures to expand the potential of workplace safety and gas detection products. These investments, and the ongoing innovations of Industrial Scientific, are all in an effort to end work-related deaths by the year 2050.

Industrial Scientific: Preserving human life is our life’s work.

Industrial Scientific
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