Corporate Social Responsibility

As a growing, global company, we have a responsibility to our employees, customers, and the communities where we do business. Our shared purpose, Essential technology for the people who accelerate progress, embodies Fortive’s culture and encourages the pursuit of meaningful, responsible, and sustainable impacts across the industries we serve. Our corporate social responsibility (CSR) vision, Accelerating Progress toward a Sustainable Future, serves as an important extension of our shared purpose that will guide our efforts for years to come.

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"Our shared purpose, essential technology for the people who accelerate progress, is rooted in a spirit of generosity and optimism, and so is our approach to sustainability. It’s about the conviction that things can be better, and the courage to make them better through our time, talents, and teamwork."

Jim Lico, President and CEO Fortive
Each CSR Pillar Aligns with One of Our Four Values

We Build Extraordinary Teams for Extraordinary Results

  • We believe in our employees’ potential and their ability to learn, grow, and make an impact—in any role and at every level. Our goal is to apply the Fortive commitment to continuous improvement to our employee experience. 
  • Creating an inclusive company is vital to our continued growth, because diverse perspectives are the life blood of innovation.
  • We are committed to ensuring a safe, secure working environment for all of our employees.
  • From day one, we have worked to ensure our team members can have direct and meaningful impact in the communities where we live and work around the globe.

Customer Success Inspires Our Innovation

  • Our customers’ goals are our inspiration. Our shared goal is to make the world stronger, safer, and better by providing our customers with technologies that assist them in achieving sustainable outcomes, predicting harmful equipment failures before they occur, saving lives, and improving health. Our innovations help our customers accelerate meaningful impact.
  • We are committed to responsible sourcing throughout our supply chain. We recognize that our customers and our stakeholders care not only about the value of our products, but also about how those products are produced.

Kaizen is Our Way of Life

  • As a global company, we strive to minimize waste, avoid pollution, and adopt sustainable practices. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by leveraging FBS tools to deploy targets and continuously improving our performance against them

We Compete for Shareholders

  • Winning with integrity is a key component of the Fortive culture, and part of our value proposition to shareholders, customers, employees, and business partners. At Fortive we believe that upholding the highest ethical standards is essential to our future and continued success.
  • Our Board of Directors serves a significant role in setting company strategy and serving our shareholders effectively. We have an unwavering commitment to empowering the Board with the right values for good corporate governance.
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