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When it comes to energetic materials, you know that success means raising the bar. To stay competitive in your industry, you don’t just need top-notch, high-performing energetics—you require a custom-engineered, mission-specific approach, featuring a precise attention to detail and, most importantly, the highest possible reliability in the safety and stability of your products.

At PacSci EMC, we’re not just the people who help your operation go ‘boom’—we’re committed to engineering excellence. Whether it’s pyrotechnic and safety devices or electronic and laser ordnance firing systems, our innovative solutions are crafted to align to your unique business needs by boosting productivity, reducing unnecessary maintenance and ensuring safety and reliability—and that helps your team achieve success.
Established in 1975, PacSci EMC manufactured a wide range of pyrotechnic devices in support of fire suppression systems on commercial and military aircraft.

In 1998, PacSci EMC was acquired by Danaher, which facilitated the integration of each of our distinct companies into one PacSci EMC that is focused on world-class excellence in customer satisfaction. Today, we offer the most comprehensive product lines, engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to provide energetic material solutions across all system platforms.

Our past, present and future is bridged by generations of associates who have worked in our three facilities to support our growth. Through the integration of material resources, talented and dedicated people and efficient operations, we consistently achieve world-class results.

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