Jacobs Vehicle Systems

For commercial vehicles, the road ahead is one with ever accelerating environmental change. It is a road where customers will look for better performance, lower costs, lower emissions and increased safety at every turn. It is a challenging road, and Jacobs Vehicle Systems® is engineered to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

More than 50 years ago, Jacobs Vehicle Systems revolutionized the engine braking industry in the United States. Since then, the company has evolved into a global partner trusted by the world’s best-known engine manufacturing brands.

With research, engineering and development efforts rivaled only by the aerospace industry, Jacobs is committed to providing the highest quality, highest performance, most reliable engine retarders on the market, and to be the industry leader in new engine retarding and engine valve actuation developments.

As a driving force in our industry, we are committed to utilizing our proven technology, expertise and leadership to revolutionize the retarding business once again. We continue to accomplish this by anticipating engine manufacturer and end-user needs, and exceeding their expectations. Our products are designed and developed using advanced computer-aided analysis, then proven both in the lab and the field.

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