Dynapar is one of the leading suppliers of motion feedback products in the world and has been engineering and manufacturing encoders and resolvers in Gurnee, Illinois since 1955.  With over 60+ years of experience, our breadth of product offering has served us well in many sectors from heavy duty industries such as oil and gas, paper and steel, aerospace and defense, rail and other off-highway vehicles, to industrial duty applications such as factory automation and elevator, to servo applications such as robotics and medical equipment, to light duty applications such as office equipment and printers.  Our brand stands for quality and reliability, innovation, customization, fast delivery, and customer service.  As a testament to these values, for the second year in a row in 2016 Control Design readers voted us the top encoder and resolver manufacturer. 

​Throughout the years, Dynapar has expanded its North American presence to a global platform with a wide selection of the industry's most trusted brands in motion feedback control, including NorthStar heavy duty optical and harsh duty magneto resistive encoders, Hengstler Euro-Spec incremental and absolute encoders, Dynapar incremental encoders, and Harowe resolvers.  With the expansion of our company, Dynapar now maintains sales, distribution, manufacturing and engineering capabilities in North America, Europe, China and Brazil to serve all of our customers across the globe with customized, innovative motion feedback technologies.

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